Who we are...


Our offices are managed by a core staff of impressive professionals that work together to strategically grow the business and meet every individuals needs.


The Business Operations Team Consists of :


Clinical Director  -  Syretta R. James, Ph.D.



Director of Research and Evaluation - Kecia Addison, Ph.D.



Office Manager   -  Lisa M. Couser, M.S.



Business Operations Manager  - Bruce G. James, Jr



At New Genesis Consulting Services strives to provide innovative client based clinical services to the entire family.  Our skill set combines experience with research and client centered approaches so that we can promote wellness in the whole human condition.


Our company is operationally organized under two divisions: a research division and a clinical division.


Our Clinical Treatment Team consists of:

  • Licensed Psychologists
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors
  • Clinical Interns and Externs
  • Psychology Associates


Our Research Team consists of:

  • Data Analysis
  • Research and Evaluation Specialist
  • Program Consultants




As a firm we are purposed to address the social, environmental, developmental, and psychological challenges that interfere with an individual’s ability to live happy self-actualized authentic lives.  WE accomplish this purpose by utilizing client and family-centered techniques that bridge the gap between research and practice and promote measurable advancement in the entire human condition.


The journey toward healing is difficult; however our staff is poised to stand shoulder to shoulder with their clients to help them identify barriers to authentic living and self-actualization.  Moving forward is a process that begins by expanding narrow perspectives, tearing down emotional and cognitive strongholds, and realigning negative thinking patterns. Change is measured when clients demonstrate renewed thinking patterns that allow them to move more confidently and optimistically throughout their lives.




As a firm we are committed to promoting development in individuals by identifying, evaluating, and resolving challenges faced during their lifespan. We are purposed to address the social, environmental, developmental, and psychological challenges that interfere with an individual’s ability to excel to their highest potential.


We firmly believe in the right to be happy and the freedom to live authentic goal-directed lifestyles. We accomplish our mission by employing client-centered services that bridge the gap between research and practice, as well as develop innovations that promote measurable advancement over time.


Our highly trained staff, utilizes cutting-edge techniques that give voice to the voiceless, provide strategies to the unprepared, and identify talents in those who have yet to achieve their highest potential.



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